Mr. Harshadbhai Rajyaguru

Mr. Harshadbhai Rajyaguru


"Each child is like a seed, If nurtured by gifted hands, It blossoms like a flower with Spirit and fragrance, That remains alive in all seasons."

Education is the greatest expedition of life; it begins but does not end. It is a pursuit for excellence with essence of true values and compassion.

The expedition of our P. P. Savani Chaitanya Vidya Sankul in the field of education initiated in 2004 with the efforts and realistic passion of our president Shri Vallabhbhai Savani.

Our founders dream of providing a magnificent garden to enable each of our flowers to bloom to their fullest. Under their able guidance and with our sincere hard-work and dedication, we have successfully achieved a remarkable milestone in the noble field of education. Today our garden has thousands of smiling flowers each with a vibrant colour, fragrance and individuality. The expedition which had thus begun with 287 learners has now surpassed 16,000.

our expedition has achieved many milestones over a period of time. One of such was attained When our eagerness to go beyond the boundaries gave us a vision to go global. We thus got affiliated with the Cambridge International Board. Ours is the first IGCSE affiliated school in the whole of South Gujarat.

Hand in hand We are working to mould each child in the righteous way to bring out their talent by arousing in them an individual's Jyoti to Gyan, Gyan to Buddhi, Buddhi to Vivek & Vivek to Pragati........... the ultimate goal.