House system is an important part of every school. Our School has a well-organized house System for ingraining in the students the practicality of team spirit, allegiance, adherence, sharing, and healthy competition. The aim of the House System is to inculcate and develop a sense of achievement outside the classroom, the qualities of leadership, elocution, individual and collective responsibility among the students through various inter-house competitions and school functions. All the students at P.P.Savani.C.V.S. are divided into four houses. The names of four houses are named after popular figures across the globe to honor them and to inspire students to learn from them. We have one White house also that doesn’t follow any of these four houses, it is a separate house with a different logo, colour, and symbol. This house takes to care for the arrangements and backs up support for all the functions for the entire year. Each house is headed by a House Commanders and House Captains. Every child is allotted a House on the day of his/her admission to the school. To which the student remains an active member throughout his school life and contributes his best to uphold the aim of his/her respective house.

PPSCVS has four Houses, each named after the Indian Scientists. They are Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Kalam, and Sarabhai.

Each pupil is assigned to a House on arrival and stays tied to that House for the duration of their PPSCVS career. This gives pupils a chance to bond with people outside of their regular friendship circles and encourages healthy competition across year groups. Everyone is encouraged to participate in practices for each event, with the best performers being selected to represent their House.

Inter-house competitions are held throughout the school year, with a particular focus on sports and performing arts. We have seen competitions in basketball, netball, poetry recital, dance, public speaking, sports day and quizzes.

Raphael has held the title of Best House for the last few years, although Kalam’s sporting successes this year make them a serious contender for the title.

House Name House Color
Aryabhatt Green
Bhaskar Red
Kalam Yellow
Sarabhai Blue

Admission Open 2024-2025