Inter House Competitions

  • In the month of August 2022, P.P. Savani Chaitanya Vidya Sankul (CBSE) Abrama had organized an Inter-House activity in which students participated in a Patriotic Song Competition. The students sang the song with lot of
    passion, confidence and patriotic feeling. Each house showed their mastery over voice modulation, pitch and tone. The children showcased a sense of pride, self-esteem and self-confidence for their country. The programme was judged by Ustad Gulam Farid Vora & Ms. Aishwarya Lala. They were very impressed with the confidence and the skills showcased by the students.
  • PPSCVS, Abrama held its annual sports day on 19th January 2019 during its school hours in the school ground. The aim behind holding the event was to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and fondness for sports in children. The day was a fun-filled feast of laughter, energy and delight among students presented and participated in various activities.
    The event began with the March pass performed by the students of Class 5to8.Our sporting students were also enthusiastically participated in different individual and team events. The proud winners of the races were felicitated with medals and certificates by school teachers as well as activity teachers. Prize distribution services were held at the conclusion of each event.
  • The House system is of great importance in school life. Its function is to inculcate the spirit of healthy
    competition among students and encourage it within school. The inter – House activities give all students the opportunity to participate in representative sport, music and other activities with the aim of raising self esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork beyond those already available within school.
  • A school is divided into a number of houses and each student is allocated to one house. Houses may compete with one another in sports or maybe in other ways, thus providing a focus for group loyalty and teamwork.

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