School Mess

It is not just about students, but humans in general. We all love to eat in a hygienic place that has good aesthetics overall. Even your favorite cuisine might not appeal to you in a foul place.
The canteen in the school caters to the students and staff providing healthy, wholesome and hygienic food during the school hours.
The inputs from qualified dieticians and nutritionists are taken in determining a balanced and healthy menu for the pupils.
The school encourages students to eat healthy, nutritious home like food and thus maintains the same high standards as in its premises too.
Hygiene is best-taken care of in the school canteen.
The monthly menu card is uploaded on flinnt and is also displayed near the canteen. Aerated or carbonated drinks are strictly prohibited.
The meals include the variety of green vegetables, beans, cereals, rice, chapattis, pulses, buttermilk and a variety of salads etc. with the change of menu from time to time.
Special consideration is taken into account regarding the cleanliness of our mess. At every level, we try to create a home for our students. The food is as healthy and nutritious as feasible and prepared with love. Additionally, we ensure that our kitchen is sparklingly clean by pursuing regular maintenance.
The spacious dining hall keeps your child comfortable and eating together sparks a sense of companionship in them.

Admission Open 2024-2025